Supplement: Virbac - toothbrush for Dogs and Cats.

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  • Individually packaged toothbrush specifically designed with dogs and cats in mind.
  • Small head with reverse angle allows for easy application and accommodates a smaller mouth.
  • Soft bristles to ensure pet comfort and acceptance.
  • Keep your pet happy and healthy by properly maintaining their oral hygiene and health.

With 25 years of leadership in veterinary home dental care, C.E.T. products are the most tenured veterinary brands in the market today. In addition to pioneering the home dental care market, Virbac has made numerous strategic decisions throughout the years to increase dental education and deliver relevant products to the veterinary community. That’s why the C.E.T. product line is the #1 recommended dental brand by veterinary professionals.

Daily tooth brushing is the best at-home method for maintaining good dental health for cats and dogs. Virbac offers a complete line of specially designed toothbrushes aimed at making it easy and effective for cat and dog owners to care for their pet’s teeth as part of their daily routines.