Freeze-Dried Chicken Breast for cat, 但马高原鸡小胸条冻干.

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Low in calories and high in protein and nutrients.

Freeze dried to preserve flavour, these treats are a healthy and delicious choice for cats of all ages and sizes.



Made in Japan.

  • Use high-quality chickens that are carefully raised in a low-pressure environment (using special feed from the Tajima area of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. It retains a whole chunk of chicken.) for 50 days.
  • Using a rapid freeze-drying method (DFD method), the best way to restore the taste, flavor and nutrition of the chicken, so that it keeps fresh raw materials.
  • With DFD formula, you can retain the taste, aroma, nutrition, etc. of the raw materials without using any additives, such as preservatives, and can be stored for a long time.