GENDAI - Quick Antidiarrheal powder for dogs and cats.

GENDAI - Quick Antidiarrheal powder for dogs and cats.

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Improvement of symptoms in diarrhea in dogs and cats. 

Use when the stools and abdomen of dogs and cats are soft.  

The amount to be given at one time is decided according to the body weight as follows. Depending on the situation of diarrhea, you can use a syringe to give 1 to 3 sachets a day, one sachet at a time to feed with wet food or mix with water.

Dog Weight Usual does Cat Weight Usual does
under 5 kg 0.5g (1 bag) under 1 kg
0.25g (1/2 bag)
5 - 20 kg
1.0g (2 bag) 1 - 3kg
0.5g (1 bag)
20kg and above
2.0g (4 bag) over 3kg 
1.0g (2 bag)



It is a medicine that is effective in improving diarrhea symptoms for dogs and cats. 

Berberine tannate is decomposed in the intestine and exhibits astringent antiseptic action and bactericidal action in the intestine.

Natural aluminum silicate has an adsorption and removal effect on harmful substances, excess water or mucus that cause abnormalities in the stomach and intestines.